cb Hardcase: Premium Protective Cases for iPhone as a statement of good taste

The iPhone 6, 6S, or the larger Plus versions, are real luxury items. It’s simple to place your iPhone “wherever”--doing such marvelous products injustice.

cb innovations presents with the new cb Softcase, which comes in many colors, a luxury version of iPhone protection, which will serve even the highest demands.

The company cb innovations, from Baden-Baden, Germany, is all about care and protection for the iPhone 6, 6S or 6 Plus version. And this please, in a quality from A to Z that suits the posh Smartphone.

After cb innovations already successfully introduced the cb Softcase in the form of a leather sleeve, the company now presents the new cb Hardcase. It is a Hard Case which adequately accommodates the iPhone and protects the front back, and side surfaces from scratches, bumps, sand, or water stains.

However, the front side remains free. Christopher Bohn of cb innovations: “In the development of our cb Hardcase we allowed no compromises. The cb Hardcase is entirely handmade and uses the finest Italian premium leather, 935 sterling silver, rigid aluminium plates, and environmentally reflective materials – while only weighing 38g and a thickness of just 1.4mm.”

The basic casing of the cb Hardcase consists of a particular plastic, not to compromise a single quality of the iPhone. Incorporated in the casing is 0.38mm-thick aluminium plates. They ensure more strength and protection.

On the outside, only the finest Italian Premium leather makes for a unique look and feel. The leather came from a tannery, and was environmentally friendly and sustainably produced. For the particular optical extra, the in-house goldsmiths provided specially for the cb Hardcase prepared cb-button made of pure 935 sterling silver. It is hand sewn into the protective case.

On the inside, the new cb microfiber fleece comes to use. It cushions the hard case from the inside so that the iPhone cannot get scratched. Also, the fleece cleans the surface of the iPhone and absorbs moisture so it dissipates from the iPhone.

Christopher Bohn, on the added feature design: “On the back of the cb Hardcase, we applied a pocket. It can hold bills or a credit card. Even here our microfiber fleece takes good care that the card is not scratched”

The cb Hardcase is available in the following colors: Black Night, Happy Orange, Caramel Lion, Cherry Love, Deep Ocean, and Pink Lady.

All items are shipped in a luxurious, yet environmentally friendly gift box for a price of only $99.00