Gold Edition

The only thing that can make the cb Softcase even more unique is the time-tested
art from goldsmiths – truly this is craftsmanship and perfection to the smallest detail.

Incomparable: Natural beauty

Since thousands of years, the natural beauty of gold has been an inspiration to men – and now its aesthetic elegance has enthralled us to reinvent our very own cb Button.

Our Gold Edition cannot be compared to anything else for one simple reason: there’s nothing else quite like it.

hand made in Germany

Bichrome gold brilliance in 18 Karats

The cb button has always been an extraordinary piece of art – but gold makes it one of a kind. The hand-polished 750 (18 Karat) fine gold is a truly royal expression of style. Each button is created from a specially formulated alloy by our metallurgists. This special alloy combines shades of gold from yellow gold to rose gold in a unique masterpiece.

The gold shines a bright rose gold from its hand-polished surfaces, while the sand polished areas display a natural yellow gold. These impressive colors are allowed to shine thanks to the high purity of our custom made alloy from a prestigious foundry.

Strictly limited and made by hand

Our gold edition cases are only produced in a limited run of 500 pieces and strictly handmade.

With passionate design, first-class craftsmanship and premium materials, the cb Softcase establishes an extraordinary relationship to any iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 6 Plus.

As a true comfort keeper, it will reliably protect your device from any hits or scratches. The inner lining made out of the innovative cb Microfiber beds your smartphone in a velvety cushion that doubles as a screen cleaner.

High-tech meets sustainability

It may sound paradoxical, but the cb Softcase is not only extremely soft, but also very durable.
During production, we use special nylon threads, natural oil varnishes and glues, which provides the water- and dirt-proof case with very high durability.

The smooth calf leather, which has been especially chosen for its unique surface feel and natural texture, is provided by a renowned Italian tannery known for its sustainable and environment-friendly production.

A noble collection

The cb Softcase Gold Edition is available in two elegant ranges:
"Royal Lion" and "Royal Ocean".

Thanks to the inimitable texture of calf leather, each piece made by our master craftsmen has its very own character. This is why your personal cb Softcase may vary from our pictures.

Royal Lion

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Royal Ocean

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