We at cb innovations view the efficient use of energy, resource management and waste avoidance as a holistic process.
For us, the responsible use of resources and production techniques has been a very important topic since the very beginning.

That’s why we only use high-quality sustainable materials and environmental-friendly production facilities for every single of our products.
By doing this, we’re not only looking after the environment but also increase the quality of our products.

Toxins don’t belong in our products. That is our contribution to a responsible togetherness of earth and humanity.

Design is an integral part of our environmental responsibility because it allows us to plan an optimal allocation of resources at early product stages.
For example, when we design software we make it our goal to make it as resource-friendly as possible and optimize it for low-energy usage.

Our servers run on renewable energy and our hardware, including power supplies, saves as much power as possible.
All of our workstations and laptops are free of arsenic display gas, PVC and brominated flame retardants.

The printers and copiers that we use are only turned on when they’re actually needed.
Generally, we try to live by the paper-free bureau approach and therefore print documents when we absolutely have to.